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Straw Men Everywhere

by Michael Williams

What’s wrong with America?  The political divisiveness in the US has been commented on for at least the last 12 years and only gotten more intense since 2016.  In his article, The Economist as Scapegoat, Russ Roberts begins with the myriad of problems, real and imagined, faced by this country and the supposed culprit and ideology behind it all:  Milton Friedman and his brand of neoliberalism.  Yes, that’s right, the indefatigable “exceedingly lovable little man” of sunny disposition and open character….he’s the one most responsible for what ails our society! 

According to New York Times essay by Binyamin Applebaum, adapted from his book, The Economists’ Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets and the Fracture of Society, Friedman (and Hayek) convinced the American people and their leaders to deregulate all industries, radically slash important regulations, impose draconian tax and spending cuts on government and lead us into laissez faire capitalism that has reigned supreme as the animating economic policy influence over the last several decades.  If Only!

But it’s not just Applebaum.  Roberts goes on to show how many in academia and policy think tanks are making similar conclusions:  that current America’s woes are due to the free market.

Roberts, an excellent economic observer himself, shows how utterly false this is by exposing the many straw men being erected and knocked down daily by opponents of classical liberalism.  He asks the factual questions:  “Did we really begin a period of free market orthodoxy in America starting around 1980? Did policy move in Friedman’s direction over the last 40 years?” 

Roberts shows according to any meaningful measure – size of government; Federal, State and Local taxes and spending; “deregulation” (pages in Federal Register); involvement in major industries (Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Non-Defense R&D); subsidies, etc. etc. – we’ve moved away from the free market ideal that Friedman advocated.  He shows how most of Friedman’s ideas have never even been tried.  It’s an excellent article for anyone who wants to honestly engage in public policy discussion instead of just buying into the simple and lazy straw men that capitalism’s enemies continue throwing at a morally disarmed public.


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