October 2019

New York Times' 1619 Project Has an Anti-Constitutional, Collectivist Political Agenda

by Thomas Krannawitter, PhD
You know as well as anyone that the idea of equal, natural, individual rights is the foundation of free society. You also know that those who advance efforts to dismiss, denigrate, or discredit the idea of equal, natural, individual rights are no friends to freedom.  The New York Times's new 1619 Project is that kind of effort. Worse, it's well-funded and highly-visible. How far will be the reach of the 1619 Project?...

Net neutrality and Title II regulation of broadband

by Mike Rivers
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to regulate broadband internet yesterday (under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934). This move is being heralded as a big victory for the little guy. In reality, it is the victory of those with more political influence over those with less. In contrast to the way it is being portrayed, I see this as a loss for the little guy.

(Full disclosure: I and my clients own shares in companies that provide broadband internet).

Title II regulation gives the government sweeping powers to regulate broadband internet, which is the way people access the internet through their cable, copper or...