The Defenders

Champions of Capitalism

There are many individuals who don't really understand capitalism and often undermine the very ideas of freedom, property rights, even self esteem, while being exemplary innovators, producers and movers of the world. Given the history of the world and the state of philosophy it's no wonder that there are those who have such a seemingly split between their day to day actions and their consciously held philosophy.

But there is also that rare achiever who is an integration in the sense that they excel in their field and have a conscious and explicit understanding of what it takes, what kind of environment - of freedom from coercion, which is an environment of freedom or capitalism - to succeed...the kind of environment that is proper to humans. It is this kind of individual that we call a Champion of Capitalism, someone who walks the talk.

History's Greatest Defenders of Capitalism

Because "capitalism" is a fairly new phenomenon as a socioeconomic system in the scope of human history, there are few who have explicitly defended capitalism and fewer still that did so consistently. The greatest defender of capitalism is Ayn Rand as she is the one who discovered and made clearer than any other thinker, the morality of capitalism - it was Ayn Rand who celebrated the rational, joyous individual. In her novel, Atlas Shrugged, Rand shows the consequences of capitalism as opposed to collectivism. John Galt is the man who loves his life and the man who can and does stop the motor of the world by removing the men with minds. Francisco d’Anconia, through his “money speech” teaches that making money holds the essence of human morality because it symbolizes man’s virtues of rationality, productivity and pride.

Rand had manyother original contributions to philosophy beyond her political and economic views and it's probably such contributions that allowed her to build such a thorough and consistent case for capitalism.

There have been many ancestral thinkers to Ayn Rand who paved the way, some at times more effectively than others. Such intellects as Adam Smith, John Locke, Jean Baptiste Say, the Founders of the American Republic, the Austrian School of Economics especially Ludwig von Mises, Carl Menger and Frederic Bastiat, and to a lesser degree the Monetarists , including Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayek. Henry Hazlitt, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are also among the most effective defenders of capitalism.